How to Promote a Small Business?

Large Dibond exterior sign for the Gripped attraction at Hobbledown Heath in Hounslow

Printing in Surrey

Starting your own business is a huge step, especially if it is your first venture. Finding the right balance between budget and promotion can be extremely daunting. Therefore, we thought we would focus this blog on ways to get your business noticed, through printing in Surrey. The team here at Bluedot Display Ltd pride ourselves in supporting local businesses throughout Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex.

4 Fantastic Ways to Get Your Business Seen

Business Signage

Business Signs Surrey

Business Signs Surrey

If your venture requires clients or potential clients to visit your premises, then signage is essential. Whether you have an office or a shop, the exterior of your building offers the all-important first impression. Your business signs must be clear and prominent so your clients can find you. Most of all it should be easy to recognise. Recognition builds trust, human nature leads us to trust what we recognise. Our team of designers can take your branding and create the ideal first impression for your new venture.

Business Cards/Leaflets

Graphic Design Surrey

Your brand is your bible. As such, it should always be carried with you. You never know when a new opportunity will arise, it can be when you least expect it. A chance conversation whilst socialising could be a potential business deal. Therefore, having your business cards on hand to promote your brand is vital. We can help you at any stage, our graphic designers have many years’ experience helping our customers get their message across.

Window Graphics

Window Graphics Surrey

Window Graphics Surrey

A shop or office window is another blank canvas, a platform to promote your brand. Window graphics and frosting can create an impressive advertisement for your business. In addition to the aesthetic and promotional benefits, window graphics can also provide privacy to those within the premises.  We offer a full service from design to installation. You can speak to our team about window graphics in Surrey by calling 01483 861168

Trade Shows & Exhibition

Promotional Printing Surrey

Promotional Printing Surrey

Trade shows and exhibitions are a fantastic way to promote your venture, However, they require a lot of planning and organisation. There is so much to consider, how will you attract people to your stand? How can you ensure they remember your company and brand? There are so many options to choose from! Roller banners provide a professional backdrop to promote your stand. They are lightweight, easy to transport, even easier to set up and perfect for those on a budget. Alternatively, you may require a more bespoke set up such as furniture, equipment, and modular stands. Our exhibition design and installation services are available throughout the UK. If you have an exhibition or a trade show coming up, contact our team for support and advice.