How to Improve Office Interior Design with Printed Vinyl Graphics

Creating a visually appealing work environment is essential for any office-based business. In fact, according to research, refurbishing your office can play a vital role in boosting morale and productivity. On top of that, attractive office interior design will leave a lasting impression on your clients. But redecorating can prove costly and time-consuming – not to mention messy.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. With printed vinyl graphics, you can easily transform dull and uninspiring offices into vibrant and inviting settings. From seamless floor-to-ceiling wall coverings to window decals and floor graphics, we have something for every eventuality. Read on to discover how vinyl graphics could take your commercial interior design to the next level.

What can we do with vinyl wall, window and floor graphics?

Whether your office interior design needs a quick update or a more substantial renovation to disguise cracks and other blemishes, we’ve got you covered. At Bluedot Display, we use the latest printers to produce HD vinyl wall graphics and full-scale, seamless wall coverings to order. This includes company logos and mottos, motivational quotes for staff, striking imagery and much more. Take a look at our Systra and Toyota GB office refurbishments for inspiration.

Want attention-grabbing floor graphics to match? No problem. Use them to signpost visitors, highlight key messaging or showcase your business branding. The choice is yours! We can also supply window decals to make glass partitions more visible to meet safety regulations. Or you may prefer frosted window graphics – ideal for making individual offices more private.

Whatever the case, we can help give your office interior design a new lease of life – all without a paintbrush in sight! You’ll receive full support from the initial design phase through to installation. And if you already have your vinyl graphics but need assistance with fitting, we can arrange that too.

Why use vinyl wall coverings for office refurbishments?

Interested in the benefits of choosing vinyl graphics over traditional renovations? Find out more about what makes them such a great option for office interior design upgrades below.

High visual impact

Thanks to our large format printing capabilities, we can create bespoke vinyl wall coverings to fit practically any space. This includes precise lettering and crisp visuals that will add interest to plain walls, windows and floors to achieve your desired aesthetic. Incorporate your brand colours across multiple designs to create a cohesive office interior, plus project photos to highlight your best work. You could also use temporary graphics to promote new offers to customers. Either way, our visually striking vinyl wall graphics are sure to capture attention.

Cost effective & low-maintenance

Compared to other wall covering materials, such as paint or wallpaper, vinyl is often more affordable. Especially when you factor in the labour costs involved with classic redecoration techniques. Images can also be easily replicated or reprinted, rather than being reproduced by hand. Better yet, vinyl is durable and resistant to fading and scratches. It can therefore stand up to the wear and tear of daily office use for long-lasting results. You can even wipe it clean!

Quick to install & minimal disruption

Once printed, one-piece wall coverings can be installed in a matter of hours – and smaller graphics in minutes. Even larger installations take a fraction of the time it would take to fully redecorate. Furthermore, traditional renovations often require interior spaces to be cleared and can make rooms unusable for days. But with vinyl, you won’t need to worry. There’s no lengthy drying time to take into account and no need for multiple applications. The graphics are also easy to remove and update to fit your marketing or as seasonal décor is introduced.

Endless design possibilities

Our digitally printed vinyl wall and floor graphics are extremely versatile – in fact, the design and colour options are limitless. As such, you can fully customise the look of your office to suit your company branding and style preferences. Prefer minimalistic graphics? Opt for black and white lettering, sleek geometric prints or modern silhouette imagery. Want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere? Go for full colour imagery or bolder prints to add character to a neutral office. You can even tailor the vinyl’s finish – gloss, matte or textured – as desired.

Stand out from your competition

Many modern offices feature clinical-feeling, whitewashed interiors with very little character. If this is a little too relatable for your liking, why not put your own stamp on the space? Don’t want to waste time on painting? Use vinyl graphics to personalise your office with company branding and other decorative features to help your business stand out. Great office interior design will also enhance your company’s professional image and make you more memorable. This is also true if your brand logo appears as a backdrop when conducting virtual meetings.

Materials and applications for office interior design

At Bluedot Display, we can produce vinyl graphics in many varieties for different applications. This includes self-adhesive decals and glue-on wall coverings (similar to how wallpaper is secured), to suit both short and longer-term commercial interior design. And all of our vinyl designs can also be applied to contoured and curved surfaces. Available materials include:

  • Polycril single piece vinyl – This popular option is suitable for creating continuous one-piece graphics with no visible joints for interior walls. Polycril is durable, washable and can be semi-permanent or easily removable depending on the adhesive used. Just let us know your office refurbishment plans and we’ll share our recommendation.
  • Cut vinyl graphics – These are great for adding logos, imagery, directions, straplines, mission statements and more to your office walls and windows. Cut vinyl comes in an array of sizes, colours and high/ low tacks. Install yourself or let our expert fitters help.
  • Window wraps – Window wraps can be applied to both internal and external windows, with a host of different effects to choose from. They can also be used for safety reasons, adding visibility to glass to stop people walking into unmarked panels.
  • Frosted window graphics – Frosted window graphics are ideal for increasing privacy in exposed glass-walled offices and conference rooms. You’ll also have the option to incorporate a decorative design or custom logo to promote your brand if you wish.
  • Contravision window graphics – also known as one-way window graphics, these clever perforated films add an extra layer of privacy without blocking light. You can display graphics and messaging on the outward facing side, while preventing prying eyes looking into the office. Likewise, your employees will still be able to see outside.
  • Vinyl floor graphics – Hardwearing and slip resistant, our cut vinyl floor graphics can be used for branding, waymarking, messaging and advertising purposes. Place them at key entry points to draw visitors’ attention as soon as they enter the office.

How long does it take to produce and install vinyl graphics?

Keen to get started on your office refurbishment? Factoring in the design, production and installation phases, our vinyl graphic projects can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. That’s much faster than sourcing and booking a tradesperson to redecorate your entire office!

And if you want to speed up the process even more, we can print and supply wall coverings for you to install yourself. However, we’d only recommend this for smaller, self-adhesive decals. Large one-piece wall coverings, meanwhile, are more complicated to fit and so best installed by our experts. Especially when it comes to professional office interior design projects.

Have an idea in mind that you’d like to discuss? Or perhaps some further questions you’d like answering before placing an order? Feel free to give us a call on 01483 861168. Or you can email your query to: and we’ll respond as soon as possible.