Easy-to-use banners for business success

Roller banners are versatile and simple to use, providing a great format to advertise your products or services and are ideal for both large and small displays. Roller banners are one of the most popular forms of printed advertising with several benefits: They are cost effective and great value for money. They can be used […]

Exhibition Stands & Graphics

Bluedot Display can supply and install graphics for all types of stands. Graphics can be supplied to dress shell scheme stands or free standing modular display stands. Graphics can be supplied as rigid or rollable panels, to enable easy transportation. Shell Scheme Graphics Shell schemes can either have seamless displays or supplied as individual in-fill […]


Proofreading The human mind is a funny thing……… For example, when we proofread and edit our own writing, we tend to read it as we think it should be, which means we misread our own typos, spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Proofreading Tips Here are some proofreading and editing tips that you can put into […]

Signage colour and contrast!

Do you want your signage to be easily legible? The science behind signage colour and contrast! Arthur & Passini described in their book Wayfinding from 1992 a reliable calculating method to calculate the contrast difference between two colours. The formula is based on the light reflectancy (LR) readings in percentages for each of the two […]